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chimney damage

Is your chimney safe

Posted by Trevor Martin, TM Roofing & Building, Fleet Hampshire on 16 August 2014

The storms last winter caused extensive flooding and structural damage to homes and businesses, but now after enjoying a long summer with unusually warm, sunny days and low rainfall, this is all but a distant memory for many.  So are we in for another battering this winter?  That we can’t be sure, but we do know that roofs and chimneys are not going to withstand the force of extreme weather unless they are well-maintained with any repairs being undertaken properly. 

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flat roof tm roofing

Summer is the ideal time for roof maintenance work

Posted by Trevor Martin, TM Roofing & Building in Fleet Hamshire on 2 June 2014

Flat roofs require more maintenance because they are less forgiving than steeply sloping roofs.  Rainwater outlets can become blocked with leaves, debris or birds nests, causing water to accumulate on the roof, which over time will cause deterioration of the membranes and eventually leaks.

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