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Clear the Clutter from Your Gutter - Top Tips for Maintaining Guttering

Posted by Trevor Martin, TM Roofing & Building on 24 August 2017


Clear the Clutter from Your Gutter! Top Tips for Maintaining Guttering
When did you last check the state of your guttering? Keeping your gutters clear of clutter can save you from costly repair bills as a build-up of grime can cause all sorts of problems.
Common causes of blocked gutters
One of the most common causes of blockages is fallen leaves, moss and other plant matter. Unfortunately, if you have trees close to the house, plant debris is unavoidable. 
Water running down the side of your house when it rains is a sure sign of a blocked gutter. Another indicator is sagging gutters, which can occur when the gutter is weighed down by debris and standing water. Other causes of sagging are damaged brackets and rusty screws.
Leaking gutter joints are a frequent problem and can be caused by general wear and tear or plant debris stuck between the joints. Leaking gutters are a common cause of isolated damp areas in the home so if you spot any wet patches check your gutters to see if they are the root of the problem.
How to unblock your gutter
The easiest way is to use a professional gutter cleaning company to regularly clear your gutters as they will have all the appropriate equipment and a tall ladder. They will start by removing any large items of debris and then run water to clear away other accumulated grime.
If the blockage is in the downpipe, they'll use wire to make a hole in the middle of the debris before running water down the hole to clear away further mess.
If you clean your gutters yourself, make sure you don’t use metal scraping tools on synthetic materials such as UPVC as this can lead to further damage and more costly gutter repairs later on.
Regular guttering maintenance
A crucial time to clean your gutters is before winter sets in but after the autumn leaves have fallen. This will help prevent gutters from becoming blocked and then overflowing in wet weather or freezing in low temperatures. Blocked gutters are more vulnerable to damage than clean ones.
Another good time to do a check is in early spring as winter winds may have dislodged things or blown debris into your gutter. Also, make sure that your brackets haven’t come loose after snow fall or high winds.
If your property is surrounded by trees, it may be worth installing a gutter guard as this will act as a filter. The guard catches falling leaves and other debris and prevents it from reaching your gutter and downpipe but still allows water to flow through. Guards won’t stop every piece of debris from entering your guttering, but they will help certainly prevent larger items from causing damage.
Repairing damaged gutters
If your gutter joints are damaged, it’s vital to get them fixed as soon as possible. Removing a section of guttering and cleaning between the joint can sometimes resolve the problem, however, it’s best to call in the experts as any cracks will need to be sealed, whether you have cast iron, UPVC or aluminium gutters.
TM Roofing & Building provides all roof maintenance and roof repair works including moss removal, roof renovation and tile replacement. To find out more about any aspect of roof maintenance, please call TM Roofing & Building on 01252 851719 for an informal chat or to book a free, no obligation inspection.

When did you last check the state of your guttering? Keeping your gutters clear of clutter can save you from costly repair bills as a build-up of grime can cause all sorts of problems.

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