Summer is the ideal time for roof maintenance work

Flat roofs require more maintenance because they are less forgiving than steeply sloping roofs.  Rainwater outlets can become blocked with leaves, debris or birds nests, causing water to accumulate on the roof, which over time will cause deterioration of the membranes and eventually leaks.

The weather will also contribute to flat roof deterioration and conditions such as hail, heavy rain, snow, strong winds and even the suns ultra violet rays won’t help extend its natural lifespan, but if the roof is well-maintained, its life can be prolonged.  

If you do find a leak, it is possible to sometimes repair a flat roof yourself, but you would need to make sure that any fix you make is completely water- tight, removing any dust, water or dampness from the area in which you are going to fix a patch.  If your problem was caused by something puncturing the felt covering,  then it is worth attempting a repair, however, if the leak has only just been noticed, then it may be false economy to repair it, and cheaper in the long run to replace the felt with High Performance Felt or lead.  To repair a flat roof properly, you need a good felt system to ensure a proper water-tight seal.  The latest technology is EPDM which has longevity, guaranteed for 20+ years.

TM Roofing & Building are flat-roof specialists.  If your flat roof is due for an inspection, please call 01252 851719 to book a free, no obligation inspection.  For further information on the flat roofing services offered by TM Roofing & Building, please visit the flat roofing page.

By Trevor Martin, TM Roofing & Building in Fleet Hampshire