Frequently Asked Questions

General Roofing & Building Service Provision FAQs

When can you start?

We endeavour to give accurate start dates. Occasionally, a customer will ask for extra work to be undertaken which does result in a delay to the next contract. Also inclement weather can affect estimated completion dates. If this happens, we will immediately inform the next customer.

How do we arrange an appointment?

Once you have called our offices and left your details with our staff, you will receive a call from one of our Managers who will then arrange an appointment at your property to survey and inspect the project/repairs/works. We will then produce a written quotation for you. Once the quotation has been accepted, we will give you a call to discuss a convenient start time for your works.

Do you provide a quotation free of charge?

“Yes we do (unless you are buying/selling a property), and we also advise that a customer asks more than one company to quote to enable you to make an informed decision on costs and to have an understanding of the work involved.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we offer a 12 months standard guarantee and we can offer a manufacturers guarantee on all new materials used. We also guarantee our workmanship as per any contract entered into, for example JCT Intermediate.

On what basis are the TM Roofing & Building work force employed?

Many of the workforce at TM Roofing is employed on a permanent PAYE basis providing a consistent high quality standard of workmanship.  We also have a preferred sub-contractor list.

Do you provide references of your workmanship?

Yes, we can provide a number of references from satisfied customers and provide examples of recent similar works for you to view. Please see our Testmonials.  We are also Checkatrade Approved

Do you undertake insurance work?

Yes, we do, and we can liaise with surveyors if required, and we accept payment from the insurance company direct if that is preferred.

Roofing FAQs

How long will a roof repair take?

Our trained team are dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service, our priority is a watertight roof and a satisfied customer. Satisfaction can only be achieved if we maintain our promise to complete your contract as quickly as possible with the least disruption and without compromising our standards.

I have noticed condensation in my roof space – how can I prevent this?

The only practical way to prevent condensation is through effective ventilation. By promoting cross currents of air to the entire roof void and keeping the area well ventilated, it will disperse any water vapour before it can condense. We provide a variety of ventilation products and can fit vent tiles to existing roofs which have proven to cure condensation problems.

Do flat felted roofs need to be covered with chippings?

Chippings do provide protection for the roof from ultra violet radiation as well as providing a decorative finish. They can also reduce problems caused by extremes of temperature. Solar reflective paint may also be used, along with grey, green and red colours of mineral felt, and leaving the option to blend in with the roofs surrounds, it is now common for high performance cap sheets to be used as an alternative.

What is the life expectancy of roofing felt for a flat roof?

Based on industrial estimates, life expectancy ranges from 5 to 30 years dependent on the product used.  Each manufacturer provides a product guarantee, which should be used as a guide to longevity.

Do I need special nails or screws when fixing lead?

Yes, use copper nails or screws which are listed on our Materials page.

Building FAQs

Can you design and draw up the plans and submit the planning application?

We can design and submit the plans on your behalf, construct the extension and undertake the alterations.  We can also liaise with the local Building Inspector and will hand over all relevant Certificates of Completion.

How long does planning permission take?

This is dependant upon the job.  Some extensions do not always require planning permission, but if required it can take two to three weeks for a site visit and drawings to be produced, eight to ten weeks to obtain planning permission. Building Regulations can be applied for at the same time or after planning is granted.  Now there are independant Building Inspectors, so you have the option not to go through the Local Authority.

How long will the building works take?

A typical extension will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete, depending on its size and design.  It could, however, take up to one year if it is a total renovation.

Can you obtain materials to precisely match?

Yes, but this may take a little more time to source the second-hand materials if we do not have any in our current stock to achieve a good match.  Please view the stock we currently holdf on the Materials page.