Slate Roofs

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If you are looking to repair or replace your slate roof, TM Roofing & Building have extensive experience in slate roofing.  Slate roof work include strip and re-slate, new slate roofs, slate roof repairs and storm damage.  Please view the roofing project below for more information on the slate roofing work we offer.

New Slate Roof, Camberley

New Slate Roof, Camberley

We completed the new slate roofs on these self-build projects of two imposing properties are located in a very sought-after area in Camberley. TM Roofing used natural slates, large and small ridge, and traditional lead hips and felt roof to create a long-lasting roof with an impressive appearance.

Strip & Re-Slate Roof, Hartley Witney

Strip & Re-Slate Roof, Hartley Witney

This roofing project consisted of a complete strip and re-slate using second hand slates. The main and lower roofs incorporated an all new lead roll hip, flashing and the renewal of gutters as required.

Strip & Re-Slate, Bentley

Strip & Re-Slate, Bentley

This fantastic property required stripping and re-slating. First, we removed all the existing slates and coverings and replaced timbers where necessary. We then slated the roof and hop kilns using a double-nailed and hook system to prevent future problems; following this, we replaced all lead box gutters, and flashings. The appearance of the natural slate showed this property to its best advantage.

All the TM Roofing crews involved in this project were justly proud to have worked for such great customers on such a dramatic property.

Strip & Re-slate, Alton

Strip & Re-Slate, Alton

On this occasion we carried out a complete strip and re-slate using new very thick natural slates in keeping with the character of the original house.

The owner of this Listed Building is a valued customer and has recommended us for many other projects locally.

Slate Roof, Renovation, Farnham

Slate Roof Renovation, Farnham

We carried out the slate roofing work to this new house for a local builder. We use 500mm x 250mm best quality ‘Contessa’ Spanish slates with concrete hips and ridges. The roof was completed to a high standard to everybody’s satisfaction.