Why choose lead for your roof?

Lead is one of the most versatile products you can use, which is why it’s always in demand. It can be dressed, cut and welded together to make it a bespoke watertight shape, it’s extremely long lasting, and it works well with other materials such as stone, brick, tile and slate.

Here are a few reasons to choose lead for your roof, guttering or flashing.


Historically long lasting

Lead is one of the oldest materials used in the roofing industry. It’s still commonly used today because it can last as much as three times longer than other roofing materials.

The reason lead is used on so many historic buildings is because it’s so hardwearing and durable – and that makes it a cost-effective option in the long-term. You know that lead will stand the test of time and survive whatever the weather throws at it.

Imitation lead is sometimes used as a cheaper option. However, it isn't as durable, and you can't cut and weld it together, and dress it in the same way, as you can real lead.

Watertight and resistant to corrosion

Because it’s so flexible, lead is excellent for making roofs 100% watertight. It can be used with sealant to cover a joint between two surfaces or over guttering.

Lead is a highly resilient metal that’s resistant to corrosion. It can withstand pollutants in the atmosphere and UV rays as well as extreme changes in temperatures. This makes it an ideal building material.

Environmentally friendly

Lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals and is up to 100% recyclable. It’s one of the most recycled metals in the world.

It’s been shown to be one of the greenest materials available and has recently been included in the BRE Green Guide. In most standard lead roofing and vertical cladding installations, lead has a rating of A or A+. That’s a considerably lower carbon footprint than comparable external wall and roofing specifications.

Types of lead works

Lead sheeting can be pulled taut and stretched around contours. As it expands and contracts depending on the temperature, it’s ideal for coping with the unpredictable British weather.

A flat roof can be covered using lead rolls – and as lead adapts to changes in temperature, it helps prolong the life of the roof.

At TM Roofing, we carry out all types of lead work including:

  • Lead roll-topped roofs
  • Small lead flashings repairs
  • Lead step and cover flashing
  • Lead apron flashing
  • Lead parapet abutment flashing
  • Lead flashings
  • Lead barrel vault roofs
  • Lead dome roofs
  • Lead towers
  • Lead inverted roofs  
  • Lead capping
  • Lead cheeks
  • Lead mullions
  • Lead planters
  • Lead balls
  • Lead box gutters
  • Lead T-pren joints

The lead works we’ve created for our customers have been varied, innovative, functional and decorative.

Does your property require lead repairs or replacement?

TM Roofing are Checkatrade Approved lead roofers. We provide an outstanding level of lead roofing expertise that includes lead flashings, all Lead Installation, Ubi-Flex Non-Lead Installation and Lead Capping and Lead Guttering.

Please give us a call on 01252 851719 if you’d like advice or a quotation on any type of leadwork for your property.  Please view our online leadworks gallery for further inspiration http://www.tmroofing.com/services/roofing/lead-roofs/