Roof Damage? Should you Repair or Replace?

If your roof has been damaged and you’re unsure what your next step should be, then you should seek professional advice.

Essentially, you need to know the costs involved for both options before you can make an informed decision on whether to repair the damage or opt to replace the whole roof.

When is replacement best?

There are several instances when we would recommend a strip and re-tile over a repair. The first example would be if your repairs are going to cost 50% of what it would cost to reroof.

Another aspect to think about is accessibility. If it’s a difficult roof to work on, then this could increase labour costs. Therefore, you only want to have to go up there once, not repeatedly. This is something to bear in mind, if you think the damage on one part of your roof is likely to occur on another.

If your current tiles, slates or flat roofing is at the end of its life with materials that are obviously ageing and worn, then we would highly recommend replacing. Otherwise, you run the risk of damage arising that could result in a much more expensive repair to your property.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

It could take a few weeks or a month to strip and re-tile depending on the property. Usually, scaffolding is erected a week before we start. The duration of the job depends on the size of the house, but to give you an idea, it would be at least two weeks for a four-bed detached home.

At most, it would be a month from scaffolding at the start to clearing the site on completion, unless it’s a particularly large house. We often combine roof replacement projects with home extensions and renovations as doing the work in conjunction can be more cost-effective.

What about the style of my roof?

If you want to repair an existing roof or ensure that your new roof looks the same as your old one, we can match the materials in place.

Should you require us to match your current roof tiles, slates or bricks we have an extensive stock of secondhand roofing and building materials that are available to view by appointment. These include new and reclaimed slates such as Welsh, Canadian and Spanish slate.  

We also have a range of clay tiles from handmade to manufactured, in many different types and sizes in stock; plus, large and small secondhand peg tiles, secondhand ridge tiles, bonnet tiles, valley tiles, angle tiles, club tiles, arrowhead tiles, pots, cowls and tops. If you bring in a sample, we will try and match it for you.

TM Roofing & Building specialises in roof repairs and replacement as well as building work including single or two-storey rear, side or front extensions or garage extensions.

If you’d like some expert advice on the best options for your property, then please call us on 01252 851719 and we can provide you with suggestions and quotations for your planned home improvements.