Trevor Martin


After spending the first 14 years working as a self employed sub-contractor for local roofing and building companies, Trevor embarked on starting his own roofing business in 1994 after growing disillusioned by working for firms who had no time or understanding of customers, or their workers' needs.  The success of this venture enabled him to expand TM Roofing and Building to create Trevor Martin Developments Ltd and TM Rallysport.

Trevor is well known in the local area for his warm personality and sense of humour.  These attributes have won him many friends and have helped him to build good relationships with his workforce and customers.  He gains much personal satisfaction in being able to offer clients practical advice on all alterations and building issues, and to help them turn their ideas into reality, within their own personal budget.  Trevor's common-sense approach, combined with his many years' experience in roofing and building, have resulted in a company to be proud of - where customer satisfaction and top-quality finish are guaranteed.